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Showcase U gives high school student athletes a way to
showcase themselves so that they can increase their opportunity to be recruited by college coaches and pro scouts. We provide resources for the student athlete to market themselves and all of their gifts, both athletic and academic, to the colleges of their choice. The competitive environment in collegiate athletics starts with the recruiting process. The Showcase U company founders and CEO all experienced personally this recruiting process and we created Showcase U as a way for student athletes to showcase themselves and take proactive control of their own destiny.

The company founders are current major league baseball pitcher Chad Durbin and former minor league baseball player Jake Chapman. Chad is pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008 and is in his 13th year of professional baseball. Jake and Chad met when they both were drafted by the Kansas City Royals and became minor league roommates. Jake was a Division II All American pitcher.

Performing as a high school student and athlete is foundational to get to college but it is only the first step. You need to make your own breaks that will open doors for you to take your academics and your game to the next level. We strongly believe in the value combination of competitive sports and academics as a tool to sharpen a young person's life skills and prepare you for success in all of your endeavors. Showcase U provides resources in education, athletic and fitness training, community forums, blogs, camp event listings and more.

Showcase yourself to college coaches and admissions officials
Upload video, photos, game stats, game schedule
Create target list of colleges and market yourself to coaches & admissions officials
Send and receive private messages (set personal privacy options) with coaches, other student athletes, etc.
Compare yourself with other student athletes in your area or throughout the country
Communicate with student athletes in the forums
Find instructors, professional evaluators and facilities in your area
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