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Jake's Takes
Jake Chapman is a Co-Founder of Showcase U and a former professional baseball player of 8 years. This blog includes helpful dos and don'ts, personal stories and anecdotes, and heartfelt advice to families looking for ways to help themselves.

Durb's Blurbs
Chad Durbin is Co-Founder of Showcase U and is also a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. This blog will range from personal experiences to directional advice. Blog suggestions are encouraged, drop me a line.

Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD is a nationally known nutrition and health expert. In her Showcase U blog Cynthia shares the smarts you need to make the food you eat a teammate in your game plan for athletic excellence.

Nutrition 2
Jenna Stanzl is a registered dietitian (RD) and sports nutritionist. She currently serves as the sports nutritionist for Major League Strength and the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

Mike Lusardi was the chaplain to the Kansas City Royals for 20 years and currently consults with high school baseball players and their families throughout the college recruiting process. Mike's Showcase U blog shares wisdom and insights to help take the mystery out of the college recruiting process.

Tales of a Pro
Ethan Stein played professional baseball for 4 years in the Kansas City Royals organization. In his Showcase U blog this washed-up jock hopes to occasionally offer insight, advice and corny jokes. At least all you athletes will hear it from the voice of one of your own.

Shelia McBride is the founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Howard Bell is the President of GradeCheck®, an Academic Qualifier Advocacy services firm for high school athletes.Shelia and Howard's Showcase U blog helps you understand the complex but critical NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility process and stresses the importance of academics in a student-athlete's life.

Strength Training
Javair Gillett is the strength and conditioning coach for Major League Baseball's Detroit Tigers and the creator of PROSactive, a company that provides access to the best information available in athletic development. In his Showcase U blog Javair shares his wisdom in a way that bridges the gap between professionals and budding athletes, enabling athletes of all ages to build themselves into healthy athletes.

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